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How Commercial Cleaning Increases Work Efficiency

When we walk into someone’s office, our brain records the location of the pieces of furniture, screens, bookshelves and windows inside. If the place is organized and clean it will have a positive impact on us whereas a cluttered and disorganized environment brings out the feelings of frustration and negative emotions.

How disorganization affects our brain:

Our subconscious mind in 300 times stronger than the conscious one. It runs about 98% of our thoughts and brain functions. Messy, unclean and disorganized work environment results into negative sensory experience and overall declined mental health. Disorganized places make you mentally stressed and exhausted. Disorganization in your surroundings can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information. A study conducted at Princeton University (department of neuroscience) found out that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress. They studied people’s task performance in an organized versus disorganized environment and it was directly related to cleanliness of workplace.

Low section of male janitor cleaning floor with mop in office

Why Commercial Cleaning is Important:

Commercial cleaning in Jacksonville Florida is important for improved performance and mental health of employees and retaining good relations with the customers. Living or working in somebody else’s clutter brings out the feelings of annoyance and resentment in employees, which results in, overall declined work performance. In order to avoid that office buildings should be regularly cleaned, sanitized and maintained. The best way is to hire a commercial cleaning service as they prove to be more cost effective in long run. Commercial cleaning is so much more than just moping the floors. Some of the basic tasks they perform include:

  • maintenance
  • sanitation and disinfection of bathrooms
  • carpet/rug cleaning
  • trash disposal
  • cleaning of the vents
  • event preparations
  • cleaning venues after an event
  • post construction cleaning
  • power wash (parking areas, patios)
  • Cleaning Break rooms
  • Maintaining, sweeping, stripping and buffing floors
  • Dusting
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Window cleaning

This is a long list and performing all these tasks, every week or every month is not physically possible for a regular janitor. Commercial cleaners in Jacksonville have trained and skilled staff equipped with professional equipment to deal with all these things. You can hire cleaning services for periodic intervals as well. They will come every month or week to perform commercial cleaning without you having to call them every time. Always select a cleaning service that is completely insured and registered with good reviews online.

A clean, organized, sanitized and clutter free work environment improves workplace relations, makes employees happier and more satisfied with their jobs. Moreover, as they say, happy employees are loyal; loyal employees are biggest asset of any organization. A clean workplace will have positive impact on employees’ mental health resulting in increased productivity.

Benin Cleaning Services LLC are providing commercial cleaning services in Jacksonville Florida. They have very professional and skilled staff with vast experience in cleaning industry.


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